Writing the Inner Body: A Monthly Writing Salon

June 18, 1-4 pm
Retreat into Rhythm: Writing, Qi gong & Drumming with Brighthawk.

Invigorate your senses!

Please join us as we spend the day exploring how rhythm shapes our writing. We will begin by opening the body’s energetic channels with qigong practice and move into the narrative play of transforming perceptions into words on the page. With pen in hand, we will ease into the afternoon’s percussive play of the healing drum.

Join the circle of embodied voices as we adventure in, around and through the contours of our intuition.

Scrumptious nibbles provided.


Anjaneya Yoga Shala
1480 Violet Ave
North Boulder

Investment: $45. Please register buy purchasing below. Space is limited.

2011 Class Dates:
June 18
July 9
August 13

What is Intuition? Is it the otherworld shifting our perceptions so it can deliver a message to us? Is it simply a matter of perceiving and understanding, precisely, the language of light? Indigenous shamans and poets of the world often think so.

And, how do we train this particular faculty of awareness? It takes courage to imagine, the desire to act, and the willingness to learn.

Are you ready? If so, please join us– and discover your own gifts through the language of awareness in this exploration in the perception of light and our life-evolving breath as we expand our senses onto the page.

I invite you to step into your bodies and participate in a field of interlocking stories and alliances that may at first appear random but are deeply connected and dynamic. During our salons, we will enter into a web of dreams, stories and voices, human and non-human, visible and invisible, tapping into a language that resonates from deep inside our own skins. By awakening language in the body-mind, we begin to shape a world we truly wish to live in. By breaking open our voices, we will create new stories and a pathway to the future.

Susan is a visionary healer and a published poet with many years of experience leading others into the wilderness of their own language. Susan holds an MFA in writing and poetics from Naropa University.  Susan has published chapbooks and her poetry is published in various anthologies and  journals. She is working on a memoir of her years living on Santa Cruz Island. She is most interested in poetics of place and the soundscape.