Santa Cruz Island Pilgrimage

Throughout the year, Susan leads transformational forays into powerful sanctuary of Santa Cruz Island for healing immersions on another plane. Trips will be posted on the calendar below with reservation information when available.


(Private Invitation)

Yes, beloveds – friends, who stay tucked close to my heart no matter how much time passes . . .

I am reaching out to let you know that the trip to ‘LIMUW’* will take place OCT 10-14th, 2018.
This is the initial invitation to to see who wants to carve out time to make the journey.

We have been granted access to the Nature Conservancy portion of the island — 60% of the island. My friends, Lyndal Laughrin & Ann Bromfield run the UC Reserve Center (celebrating 40 years of wise stewardship) and this is why we have been access–otherwise, The Nature Conservancy would be asking for a massive donation.

The plan is to spend first 2 nights camping on the NPS Property on the east end of the island where we have access to kayaks and exploring the many volcanic caves that line the north side of the island. On the 3rd day, some folks will take off on a long hike from Scorpion Ranch to the Central Valley (10 miles as the raven flies) Or kayak along the coast to Prisoner’s Harbor. And for those of you who do not want to push it, the ferry will gracefully take you and all our gear over to Prisoner’s Harbor–which is the Nature Conservancy side of the island. Once in the Central Valley we will stay at the Reserve Station in bedrooms and bunks. We have access to the kitchen and an outdoor fire pit. And we will have the use of vehicles to explore the island. the Island is huge 96 square miles. 3x’s the size of Manhattan.

So, if you are interested, I suggest looking up the archipelago of islands, known as The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, situated off the Coast of Southern California. Santa Cruz Island is located off the coast of Santa Barbara and is the largest and most diverse of the islands. Locations we will visit are Scorpion Ranch, Prisoner’s Harbor, The Central Valley Ranch and Christy Ranch on the West end of the island.

This trip is most likely my last trip to the island in this capacity. Lyndal will need to step down and I most likely will lose my access when this happens. So, as I have promised to share this remarkable and magically inhabited island, I am doing so in 2018.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in joining in the adventure. I can take 15- 20 people.

* SANTA CRUZ ISLAND was known as ‘Limuw’ (meaning of the waves) to the Chumash Indians who lived on the island for 10-12,000 years in relative ease until the Spanish claimed the island by placing their holy cross into the sand. The island is a sacred living site. And the Chumash say it is their point of origin on the earth. An elderly Huichol shaman claims the frequencies on the island reach deep across the continent and far out into the Pacific–where else in the world does this happen? xo

Details concerning the trip will be announced here as well as in private emails.