Public Talk ~ May 19, 2016

Divinations in Boulder, Colorado ~ May 20 – 22, 2016


It is possible that we have been brought
together at this time because we have
profound truths to teach each other.


Healing comes when the individual remembers his or her identity, the purpose chosen in the world of ancestral wisdom, and reconnects with that world of Spirit.

-Malidoma Somé


Thursday, May 19, 7pm
LIGHTING UP THE TREES: Indigenous Healing and the Art of Divination
A public talk by Malidoma Some & Susan Manchester

At  ANJANEYA YOGA SHALA, 1480 Violet Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80304

Early Bird Tickets: $30 At The Door: $40.

As a representative of his village in Burkina Faso, Malidoma Some’ has come to the West to Share the ancient wisdom and practices which have supported his people for thousands of years.

At this time in history the earth’s people are awakening to a deep need for global healing. African wisdom, so long held secret, is being called on to provide tools to enable us to move into a more peaceful and empowered way of being both within ourselves and within our communities. The indigenous spirit in each one of us is calling for cleansing and reconciliation. The ancestors are responding.–Malidoma Some’

Susan Manchester is an initiated shamanic healer, artist, writer, and most recently honored and initiated in Malidoma’s village to practice and preserve the ancient Dagara art of healing &divination. These practices are drawn from and defined by the elemental world.



Divination is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of spirit.  It is an opportunity to hear direction from the realm of the ancestors.  It is a process by which your epic story is reflected back to you, giving you greater clarity about your gift to the world.
Schedule to visit Malidoma for a private and personal divination, tailored to assist you in living more harmoniously in the natural world and in relationships with the spirit world. You may be assigned personal rituals designed to support your growth and your deepening relationship with the natural and spiritual worlds. If you would like to schedule a personal divination while Malidoma is in Boulder please contact his office now! The spaces fill immediately so please do not hesitate. We cannot shift his schedule once he arrives in Colorado. Meeting with Malidoma, you will be immersed in the magical world of cowrie shell divining where your personal journey rises in its organic form, revealing relationship to Ancestors, community and our multidimensional elemental world.

Divination appointments will not be confirmed or secured until payment is received.  The fastest and easiest way to send your payment is by PayPal at:
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Divination Sessions – $300. For more information and to make an appointment, write to or call Ruta at 407-574-5350.
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I have learned that every human being, including the most educated and sophisticated, desires ritual almost more than anything else. They want it for the resuscitation of the wild and wise savage who hides somewhere in the psychic recesses of even the most highly cultivated person. They want it because of the eternal craving of that part of the self that will never quit wanting to be intimate with Spirit.
-Healing Wisdom of Africa, p 193


Anjaneya Yoga Shala – 1480 Violet Ave Boulder, CO 80304

MalidomaMALIDOMA SOME’ PhD is a revered Shaman. He was born in the village of Dano in Burkina Faso, West Africa. As an initiated elder, diviner and medicine man, Malidoma shares the ancient wisdom which has supported the Dagara people for thousands of years. He is the author of several books, including, Of Water and The Spirt, Ritual: Power, Healing and Community, and The Healing Wisdom of Africa. Malidoma holds three master’s degrees and two doctorates from the Sorbonne and Brandeis Universities.