SEPTEMBER 2-5th, 2018

To Register contact: or (303) 746-5358

Earth is where we belong. She is our home. She gives us sustenance unconditionally and makes it possible for us to feel connected. Earth is where we go to and where we come from. The nourishment and support of the Earth Mother grant us the feeling of belonging that allows us to expand and grow because we feel strong.” -Malidoma

The African elephant celebrates our earth-home, spraying red dust into the air and continues to nourish this connection by spending days bathing in the mud! Elephants have remarkable memories migrating like the Bushman to sacred groves and locations where herds have bathed in the earth for thousands of years. This wisdom is passed on from generation to generation. This is to say, by stepping into our earth burial ritual, we step into allegiance with these beautiful beings by invoking memory, renewal and our sense of belonging to the Earth, our mother, Tembalu. (Dagara-earth mother).

MalidomaWe are experiencing massive shifts on this blue-green planet. People are awakening to realize their need for relationship with their bodies and the earth. It is the earth’s vital life force which creates belonging and the physical foundation to stay present in our day to day lives. Otherwise, the density of daily stress and distortions in shifting realities can leave people feeling ‘homeless’. Participating in this earth burial ritual, we will be diving into what it means to come Home to our hearts, our whole body awareness, and surrender into the seat of the mother and her healing

In September, we will stay on private ranch will act as our ‘bush camp’ in Bailey, Colorado. It is important we stay together on the ranch in order to step gently out of our hectic daily lives and into the relational space of community and ritual. The earth burial ritual is focused and complex and requires a time commitment of all three days.

We will have access to all 500 acres of the ranch.
Meals will be catered so we will need to know of any dietary restrictions.

SEPTEMBER 2-5, 2018

LOCATION: 2113 County Road 43, Bailey, CO 80421. 70 minutes drive from either Denver or Boulder.

Arrival 1PM, Sunday, September 2nd.
Departure 1PM Wednesday, September 5th
Deposit of 300 Is needed by August 1, 2018
Early bird full payment by August 2,$1,085
Full Tuition is due by August 26, $1,200

You may send a check to Susan Manchester at 32969 Woodland Drive, Evergreen, Colorado, 80439. You are also welcome to use Venmo or to Paypal Susan Manchester.  If you use PayPal, please send through ‘friends and family’ or we will have to add the fee to your payment.

PAYMENT PLANS are available
There are limited WORK STUDY Scholarships on a greater need basis
And One Full Scholarship. Please contact Susan directly. 303-746-5358

Malidoma shares the Wisdom of his Ancestors and tribal Elders: the Dagara Cosmology, awakening a deep knowing in the hearts and bones of those who have recognized in his name, his books, his voice; the Spirit world inviting renewal of a deep and abiding relationship with all beings on Earth.

Pertinent Reading will be accessing at least one of Malidoma’s books: The Healing Wisdom of Africa: Finding Life Purpose through Nature, Ritual, and Community. Ritual: Power, Healing and Community. And Malidoma’s memoir: Of Water and The Spirit: Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman.

To Register for the Earth Ritual contact: or (303) 746-5358

For Private Divinations contact: