Community Song, Dance, and Prayer

August 23 – 26, 2024
Old Man Mountain, Estes Park, CO


We gather together to share in a 4 day Dagara-based Grief Ritual.

We gather at the sacred site of Old Man Mountain where we held our last Grief Ritual in 2019, with Malidoma Somé.

We gather as a community to address the confusion, struggle, and loss we have experienced during the Covid years.

We walk away from world chaos to immerse in Nature and deepen listening skills for our own rising awareness.

The drums will gather us in singing, dancing and prayer, to witness and support our friends and unleash in ourselves one of the most powerful of human emotions.

And we gather to honour and grieve the loss of a bright light in this world:

Our Friend, Dagara Elder, Scholar, Medicine Man,
Malidoma Patrice Somé.


We are now accepting applications and the non-refundable $500.00 payable to Susan Manchester.
Venmo: @Susan-Manchester-1

To secure a spot for this intensive: the application and deposit are due by July 12 , 2024

Please understand that after you register, In order to hold your place at the intensive you will contact Susan Manchester to secure your lodging and meals.

You will have a choice to stay at Old Man Mountain Retreat Center or in one of the houses nearby.

In Africa, Grandfather Doh & Toure have begun
to set the ground to support us during the upcoming grief ritual.

All proceeds will support the the conservation of this Dagara village
and its endangered spiritual technology.

To Support Tuition of others or inquire about Assistance, contact Susan Manchester.


Old Man Mountain Retreat Center:
Address: 38 Overlook Lane, Estes Park, CO 80517
Contact: Susan Manchester 303-746-5358

Malidoma Somé 2019

We are very excited at the idea that you are considering joining us for this event. For three days we will be in ritual during the night just the way it is done in Africa, and processing during the day. This is an attempt to go as deep down as possible and, in the process, peel as many layers of grief as possible. The usual way has mostly only been a one night shot in which people were expected to dump as much grief as possible. But most people only succeeded in scratching a layer or two. In a culture where grief is not common regular practice, some people return home to feel like they have just begun. We are implementing a new format to resolve this issue and to prevent the unexpected swelling up of grief at a time when they are back to their routine.”