DIVINATIONS with Malidoma Somé in Boulder Oct, 2020 – Sept 2021

DIVINATIONS WITH MALIDOMA. A year-long certification training in African tribal divination with elder, scholar and diviner Malidoma Patrice Somé in Boulder, CO. Divination is an effective tool for tackling the crisis of the human psyche in modern times. A divination clarifies the soul’s quest and sheds light on one’s gifts and life-long purpose.

2020-08-13T17:50:33-06:00August 13th, 2020|

The Planetary Awakening Summit!

Invoking the Divine Feminine in Challenging Times I am excited to be one of the speakers at this amazing FREE online event hosted by Jeanie Manchester, with 44 experts in meditation, yoga, philosophy, myth, astrology, bhakti yoga, indigenous ritual and the energy of money as well as the future of business/leadership together to speak to planetary awakening. We also discuss women's role in planetary healing and leadership.

2020-06-01T03:41:07-06:00May 30th, 2020|
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