Susan has the ability to see to see and feel the original source of the pain.  she can see the whole version of you, assisting you step by step as you feel things start to come back together, to feel ‘right’ again.  The kind of calm i felt was like none i have ever experienced before in my life.  In one instance, i felt as if i had accomplished a level of balance inside my body, that actually allowed it start healing itself.  It that space, it became evident that everything was coming back together at light speed, the body went into some natural space where everything suddenly remember how to be back at 100%.  I know that whatever was around my heart, that was slowing my bodies ability to recover, completely dissolved in her presence.  One can’t really describe it as just one modality, yes she helped bring my whole phsycial body back into alignment, but there was a love that enters through your heart from her, if i were to try and remember, this would be what really brought me back to life.  Peter Loduca

“As a modern day medicine woman, her knowledge of the body and psyche is magical.”  – Livia Shapiro

“Susan is a  visionary bushwacking healer! She is a gift for the indigo children coming into this world and helps us find a place to settle into our bodies. Through her vision, we may find gravity in this upside down world. May we all grow hands of light! We give her thanks!” – Nadia Plinsky

“After almost four months of living in a fog of the deepest meloncholy and what felt like an infinite sadness, in just two sessions, Susan revived me to a place where I feel taller, powerful, and unencumbered.  I have stopped crying and last night I slept 8 hours for the first time in months.  Her healing power and magical skills have renewed my spirit and allowed me to move forward with a spring in my step!” – Kim Hedberg

“Susan’s work goes deep – deeper than one may normally dwell in the rushing static of ingrained routine – and from there she looks at the energetic swirling cosmos of all of you and reads that as a pensieve. Drawing upon her vast knowledge and expansive breadth of her healing work, she calls upon the modalities needed for that session for that body in that particular space in time. It’s an elixir you’ve been waiting for – don’t wait a second. I leave her presence feeling the edges and fullness of my being, like everything is back in alignment with inner, outer, cosmic and cellular connected – and always feeling innately luminously radically alive.” – Ali Schultz

“Sessions with Susan are the things that dreams are made of. She will align you with yourself on all levels of beingness, and you will feel right in the world again.” – Sarah Brenner