Friday Sept 15th 2pm – Sunday Sept 17, 2023 2pm

McCabe’s Cabin across the bridge (a secret site-directions provided.) Camping. Limited spaces. 20 participants.

Sliding Scale: $425-650.

All proceeds support the Ancestral School in the Dagara Village of Grandfather Doh and Toure.

Water is life! We will celebrate the ancient pathways of water, exploring our relationship to water’s omnipotent and divinely shape-shifting presence while taking part in a 3-day gathering along the banks of the Poudre River.  

Water Ritual Leaders

Lucky for us, while we dip into the river, Elder Doh, and Toure will anchor our ritual in Africa. And as a Water diviner, Susan Manchester will lead in ritual and at the river and Greg Vogel will hold the ground at the camp and as the most magical of Fire Keepers.

The Power of Water

People are seeking to shift into deeper vibratory awareness–so let’s learn to approach the water with reverence and amplify our listening skills increasing our ability to receive direct downloads from the water. We will perk up our senses, listening with eyes-and-ears all over our bodies to the ancient pathways of this majestic river. The element of water brings forth peace, forgiveness, and transformation. Water has power in its ability to shape-shift from ice to mist, from a calm pond into a rapidly flowing river. A glacier. A Tsunami.

In Honor of Malidoma Patrice Some

Creating this Water Ritual, we honor the life work of Malidoma Patrice Some and his teaching of African Spiritual Technology.

At the center of Dagara Cosmology is the Earth, and its Village. And our Village is rustic. No Joke. We are off the grid. There is a better chance the water spirits will show up without 5G interference. We have a beautiful outhouse. And spring water to drink. And the river for swimming and bathing. We wake up with the sun and the dawn chorus of birds and go to sleep under the stars listening to the river.

If you plan to join us, Please email Susan or Greg: for more details.

Please make a payment to reserve your spot.

Venmo: Susan-Manchester-1