A Nature Year signifies Transformation.
According to the Dagara tribe, the medicine of Nature asks us to be real, to be ourselves–to drop the mask the world expects us to wear and to see what is around us as it truly is. The element of Nature asks us to go in and in  to ourselves and find what is authentic.

Nature invites us to change consciously and to welcome change. Just as mineral stores information for our benefit, nature’s complex paradigm is a library those who pay attention. The magic we crave and out attraction to the supernatural are nature in their essence. This is because the tree, the plant, the landscape and the serpentine river zigzagging down hill on its way to the ocean are all golden hieroglyphs capable of bringing a deep understanding to those willing to pay attention. Indeed, to the indigenous it seems that the tree is the essence of consciousness.

Landscapes and physical geography to indigenous people are a language, a writing that can be read. Elevated areas function function very much like antennae, relaying or downloading information from far away places, from the outer world to the inner world.

from Malidoma Somé, The Healing Wisdom of Africa; Finding life’s Purpose Through Nature, Ritual and Community.

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