About Susan

As an intuitive healer and master bodyworker, Susan combines the rituals and intelligence of the healing arts and applies them through her visionary capabilities. She treats each person as an organic sacred vessel that, when aligned, is strong enough to both root deeply into the earth, and to hold the breadth of the heavens. Combining modalities of Qigong healing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Rolf Method of Structural Integration,and Susan shapes her approach with each person using the grace of shamanistic wisdom.  Susan awakens our highest potential physically, emotionally, and energetically.

Greek Island Retreat!

Our journey to Greece in 2024, takes us back in time to the mythic island of Ithaca. Susan adventured to the Island last September and found this remarkable jewel retreat surrounded by the Azure blue waters of the Ionaina Sea. We will land in Athens and take the ferry over to be held fir a week in the ancient resonant arms of the island. Ithaca is the honored home of Homer’s hero, Odysseus and home to the mythic pantheon of the Greek gods/ goddesses. This stunning island retreat is built into the cliffs and reaches down to the ocean where we may take a morning dip into the blue and meditate on the beach…

“As a modern day medicine woman, her knowledge of the body and psyche is magical.”  -Livia Shapiro